Love & Justice [Illustrations]

A Lasers & Feelings Hack

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You are a group of magical girls in Tokyattle. You save the world by defeating bad guys—and hate—with love and justice. You are still learning how to use all of your powers. Lady Fuzz Fur, your hedgehog companion and instructor in the ways of world-saving, was captured by your nemesis and is unable to help you just as the world falls into peril once again!

Love and Justice is a Magical Girls hack of John Harper’s Lasers & Feelings. Create a team of magical girls and save the world!


Love & Justice was created by Senda Linaugh and Phil Vecchione in conjunction with Encoded Designs (@encodeddesigns)

Based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper (

Written by Senda Linaugh (@idellamithlynnd) and Phil Vecchione (@dnaphil)

Developed and Edited by Chris Sniezak & Shawn Merwin

Illustrations by Meghan Dornbrock (@meglish)

Layout & Logo by John Arcadian (@johnarcadian)

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