Not a lot to report this week. I’ve been moodboarding and noodling on character designs for the Untitled Christmas Otome Game, but other than that I haven’t had much game time.

Back in July Unity announced a merger with IronSource, a company possibly best known for distributing malware and being blacklisted by Microsoft. I don’t know the specifics and I don’t care to wade any further into them, but between that news and the CEO of Unity calling developers “fucking idiots” if they don’t monetize, I’m not sure I trust them to have my best interests in mind.

Thankfully, I’m not deep enough into the programming of any of my projects that I can’t drop Unity like a brick. (I was pretty far along with Astral Knights but it’s been so long at this point that a rework is inevitable.) I’ve tried out Unreal in the past and I did like it, but it might be overkill for the Christmas game.

I started looking into Godot as an alternative, and I think it’ll do what I need. I’m still learning my way around, but I’ve already found Dialogic, a great dialogue system that replicates the things I liked most about Fungus for Unity. Just having that part solved is a huge weight off, and immediately frees me up to get back to outlining and designing.

So not a very exciting update, but that’s where I’m at. I’m excited to see how Godot handles this fairly low intensity game. Maybe I’ll feel capable of building Astral Knights in it eventually. We’ll see!

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